These aren't your great-great-great grandfather's pirates

You've probably noticed by now, by apparently the high seas are filled with pirates.

Before you get excited about peg legs, rum, and eye patches though, I feel honor bound to clear up any misconceptions you might have.

You might imagining someone like this:

But today's pirates have rocket-powered granades, automatic weapons, and a thirst for American blood--apparently.

These guys are pretty serious about their "job." An AP article shows just how crazy things have gotten.

Currently Somali pirates are holding over 280 sailors on 15 ships, usually for ransom.

With the rescue of an American captain over the weekend, war has been declared.

So watch out you pirates, we've ninjas and superheroes (a.k.a Navy Seals) coming to take you down.

And the French are right behind us.

Now excuse me while I go practice my jousting skills. You never know when they might in handy.


  1. How ironic that the French would be behind us...just sayin'.

  2. Not that I wholeheartedly agree with most of their tactics (violence especially), but this "problem" has been completely distorted. READ ON.