Would you like sleeves with that?

I've made a few tactical errors in recent days in regards to the current temperature.

This is serious folks! Wipe that smile off your face.

But seriously, I'm joking.

My point, if I can make it there, is that even though the calendar tells me it's spring and Mr. Sun is making a more regular appearance, it's not actually warm yet.

Funny that I have to remind myself of this after last week's rant about girls already sun bathing in their bikinis.

Luckily that wasn't the mistake(s) I made.

I had to open my window (a.k.a my dad opened my window) the other day because there was a small episode with burning hard boiled eggs in the kitchen. Pretty much, my father forgot about them long enough for the water to completely evaporate and flames to sprout.

(Okay, maybe it was just a lot of smoke.)

I tried to open my own window, but was not strong enough so I had to have my dad do it. The good news, no one is getting in through my window without pulling a muscle.

Following opening the window, I decided to change my sheets AND take off my down comforter. Whoops! I woke up frozen.

Then, yesterday I attempted to mow in a cut-off t-shirt. I had goosebumps and turned a disturbing shade of blue, but I don't have a farmers tan.

Moral of the story: I pretty much live in Canada, which means it isn't warm here. At all. Although I heard rumors of the temp reaching the mid 70s this weekend.

I'm not holding my breath.

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