Mr. Golden Sun

It may appear as if I'm about to blog about the weather, but try to stick with me through the first couple paragraphs to get to my real point.

Before today dawned slightly cloudy and cool, we had enjoyed a couple sunny, warm days here at home.

Finally that is. Just a few days before it snowed.

Not surprisingly the sunny weather brought the college students outside in droves. I never realize how big the university actually is until the sun comes out bringing the students with it.

Unfortunately, some students don't really bring their brains with them.

Here's the thing, when I say warm I mean low to mid 60s. That's farenheit, not celsius.

This isn't really a smart time to be runny around shirtless or in your bikinis as attractive as that might sound.

Yes, you are pasty white from the dark, gloomy winter months.

But do I really need to remind you how far away we are from the sun in our corner of the world. You probably won't get any color...we are that far away. Plus, you should probably just wait until it actually is summer.

If you really want to get some color, you might as well use a tanning salon.

Or you could just take care of your skin.

Maybe that's just me, though.

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