Lazy Weekend Days

I celebrated finishing my week of working at 5:30 a.m., but giving myself the weekend off from lots of plans. And it was lovely.

Friday after work I ran a few errands (see: spent too much money at the drugstore) and then spent about an hour enjoying happy hour at a local bar so I could watch some college basketball. It's my favorite sport, which makes March the best month.

I didn't do much else that night, just enjoyed dinner with my aunt and uncle, and relaxed.

Saturday I started out slow after almost 9(!) hours of sleep. I got my room organized because it was out of control and went for a run (a.k.a. a slow job/walk combination).

It's been months since I've exercised regularly so I'm pacing myself. I started with day 1 of couch to 5k, but may skip ahead a little because it felt like a little too much walking for me.

Saturday afternoon I headed to a beer and music fest, complete with food trucks. I spent a few hours hanging out with friends, sampling beers, and trying to ignore the overly loud, not amazing music. Some of the groups were pretty good but the sound was horrible--lots of feedback and so loud you couldn't actually understand words.

The second half of the event I volunteered by pouring beer. I'd like to say I'm a professional. It was fun to get to know some other volunteers and the rep of the brand I poured for. But man, it was a long night. I made it home around midnight, which is hours past bedtime for me right now.

Today has been another slow day. I slept in until 8am, had some breakfast and then headed out to catch some basketball. I got to the restaurant just before it opened, so I did a tiny bit of shopping. Then I parked in front of the big screens in the bar and ate corned beef and cabbage.

I made it home early afternoon to finish up some job applications and prep some blog posts for the week. I'm trying to plan ahead so I can post a little more consistently. Currently goal: three posts a week.

After dinner tonight, I'll be headed to bed early because I have my last 5:30 shift tomorrow. Going in at 7am on Tuesday is going to feel amazing! :)

What have you been up to this weekend? Anything exciting?


  1. Yikes, sounds like you've been busy busy busy - hope you're getting some kind of rest in

  2. You get up way too early, bless your soul!

  3. I had a brilliant weekend in Italy, this past weekend, now back to work.. *sigh*..

  4. I love that Couch to 5K workout, I was on week five of it when I hurt my knee but I'm going to get back to it as soon as I can! Our weekend was crazy busy working on stuff at the new house and celebrating our anniversary on St. Paddy's Day.

  5. I had a great weekend visiting friends and also doing some spring cleaning :)