Awkward and Awesome: The rushed edition

I really should be going to sleep, but I decided to blog instead. Which of course means as soon as I finished that sentence, my mind went blank.

Still, I'm pressing on.

I just got home with a wonderful night with some good friends. Delicious food, cider, and lots of laughs. Tonight really hit the spot, even if I did spend about 25 minutes looking for parking before giving up and paying for the expensive garage. Oh well, can't win them all.

I've actually had a really great week. So I wanted to share some of the highlights (and the awkward moments) before Thursday passed me by.

- A couple games in the NCAA tournament decimated my bracket (exaggerate much). But really. It's bad. (I know most of you probably don't care.)
- Getting distracted in the middle of something at work. And I always have a ton of tabs and programs open, so it's not always easy to track down the answer.
- I'm living in the attic at my great aunt and uncles, which means I'm a full floor away from the bathroom. The worst is getting into bed and realizing I need to pee.
- My inbox at work is out of control and it is making me itchy. Ahhh. All the emails are read, luckily, but there are hundreds just sitting there.
- Busyness keeping me from getting stuff done. It's pretty much part of the circle of life. But now all my evening plans means I have a ton to accomplish before I head to work for the day.

- A really cool event about using social media well from a pretty big name. And he ended up critiquing my Twitter bio. Pretty cool, but also a tiny bit awkward in front of 250 people.
- Meeting people in real life who I've only known on Twitter. I just think it's awesome.
- Checking out a couple fun events with friends this week, Tech Show and Best Damn Happy Hour. Both fun for their own reasons.
- Working at a television station during March Madness. Never have I been so thankful for two computer monitors and a TV at my desk.
- I'm headed home to my parent's for the weekend for more basketball and puppy cuddles. Excited.'
- I found a pencil skirt that is pretty much like wearing sweat pants, but it's cute. I don't know how else to describe it, other than awesome, that is.

Okay, so I know there's more. And I'll hate myself for not remembering, but I really need to sleep. So that's it for me.

What's been awkward or awesome about your week?


  1. I think everyone's brackets are a mess this year! Lots of upsets!

  2. I'm the only one who has no bracket thing going on! I feel so left out, hehe. I attended a blogger event and a lady there kept calling my Lynn, so then everyone did as well. Awkward!!

  3. My brackets are officially trashed. I hope you had a good weekend!

  4. as awkward as some things are, sounds like life is pretty awesome!

  5. Well your awesome list is.... pretty darn awesome, hehe.

  6. I hate it when my email inbox gets out of control. I called in sick on Friday, so this morning I had so many unread emails it has taken me until now to catch up on all my unread blogs... it was a very stressful morning!

  7. I've checked your bio, what's "wrong" with it??:) But that had to be fun - 250 people??:D What's been awkward about my week is that my ass is not just asleep but dead from constantly sitting and working!!:)

  8. He critiqued your twitter bio?! haha Hilarious! You can write whatever you want for your bio in my opinion :)