A Sunny Saturday Meander

Even though spring doesn't officially start for another ten days, Saturday was the first real spring day around here. The sun was out, the sky was devoid of clouds, and the temperature was above 50 degrees. We're pretty hard to please around Seattle.

My great aunt and uncle (whom I'm living with) invited me to go for a walk with them. We decided to head into the University District for pizza and then head to campus to see if anything was in bloom yet.

Sadly the cherry trees still haven't let loose, but we still took advantage of the sunshine and managed to find a few flowers around campus.

It was nice to get outside, especially since that so rarely happens these days for me (partially because of work and partially because I'm lazy).

I took along the big camera to snap some photos as we were out walking, mostly so I can look at them for the next week while it rains.

 Did anyone else get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend?


  1. I thought this was a little unfair, then I remembered my happy thought :). Next year I'll get to see the beginning of spring in Seattle too!

  2. Saturday was so nice, my husband actually got a little bit of a sunburn during our move!

  3. How gorgeous - it was cold and rainy this weekend, not at all springlike. I'm ready for the seasons to change... any second now.

  4. this looks like such a lovely weekend, really pretty pictures xoxo

  5. I love your honesty - "...partially because I'm lazy.":) I don't seize every sunny day either, but then I'm pissed at myself the next day when it starts raining. Thank god you enjoyed your first real spring day, honey.;)

  6. Hello fellow seattlite! This weekend truly was beautiful... well Saturday was! I slept in on Saturday and as soon as I looked outside I immediately regretted it.

    Happy to fall upon your blog!


    Dani // Andbubblegum.com

  7. The sun? What... is... the sun? No, it's been snowing up the wazoo in Wisconsin. More snow than the winter combined! Probably not but it feels like it! Where is spring?

  8. The daffodils are in full bloom here, too! So fun!