I think I've officially hit maturity

This weekend, I had a moment that made me feel old. Not ancient, but fully-adult. Beyond my youth. Mature.

It was a good friend's birthday on Sunday, so on Saturday a group of us met for dinner and headed to a local bar for a larger party.

We walked in and the music was pounding, there were kids everywhere (and by kids I mean just over the legal drinking age), and we all felt old.

It wasn't a bad thing. In fact we felt quite superior to the girl fell down and the kids who paid five dollars to dance upstairs to the same music we were hearing below.

But, the waitress who told us downstairs was great for lounging and conversation had no clue what she was talking about.

We joked about turned the music down, only hearing every third word, and hiding under my coat to have an actual conversation.

Then we tweeted to each other the next day about how our ears were ringing unrelated to any alcohol consumption.

We definitely had fun celebrating my friend. But it was a reminder that we are old(er).

Has anything made you feel old recently? Please tell me I'm not alone.


  1. I NEVER go to the bars in my town. I live in a college town so I know how old I'd feel if I did! I prefer drinking at home - it's cheaper, I can be comfy, and if I do anyone stupid it happens in private ;-)

  2. You are NOT alone! I feel this way all the time now... my lifestyle has changed so significantly in the past five years, it's crazy!

  3. Totally agree. And I hate it!!

  4. haha! i just read another post about this same thing. i def avoid all the kiddy bars these days. i feel like i was just going there though!

  5. The day after enjoying a few drinks DEFINITELY reminds me that I am getting a wee bit older :)

  6. You are definitely not alone. I bought a vacuum when what I really wanted was some new shoes. Blaahh

  7. This happens to me every time I go to a concert. I don't like it and I instantly regret not buying seat tickets.