Tuesday Birthday Funday (not mine)

I've spent the day helping CC, one of my best friends, celebrate her birthday. She's still in grad school and was able to free up most of her day, and I start work tomorrow, so the timing was perfect for a day of fun.

We met first for a little shoe shopping, as both of us were lucky enough to receive gift cards for Christmas. I came down from my parents', so it was a bit of an early, rushed morning, but definitely worth it. 

CC and I left DSW victorious, both able to find the shoes we were looking for.  I picked up a new pair of flat, black boots and some minnetonka slippers (cannot wait to wear those!), while CC got a pair of gray boots and some cute, casual tennis shoes.

Next we headed to the spa for my gift for her, shellac manicures. Let's hear it for nail polish that won't come off in a few days!

Wood fire pizza for lunch completed our morning adventures before CC had to head to class. That gave me the chance to head home and unpack after three days away, and relax a bit.

Then I met up with CC and her family for a delicious Italian dinner. Overall, I think we both enjoyed her birthday. :)

Thanks for including me, CC! And happiest of birthdays to you!!


  1. That sounds like the perfect day! A little shopping, the spa, and then some yummy food. Yay!

  2. Once you go shellac you never go back. I still can't believe how amazing it is. :-) Happy birthday to CC!

  3. Wood fire pizza? Just give me a call and I'll be there for it. :)