Looking Ahead at 2013

Last week, after my 2012 round-up, I had planned to do a post looking forward to this year. Instead of typical goals/resolutions, I wanted to pick a theme for how I would approach life.

However, after my failure to actually write that post, the theme I'd chosen seems a little silly. But I'm pressing forward with it anyways.

In 2013, I hope to live life intentionally.

Do you get the irony of my slacker-ness now?

(I have managed to get through a good chunk of the Tudors, so I haven't been totally unproductive.)

I'm hopeful 2013 holds some big changes for me. First and foremost being a job. Quickly followed by a place to live, a gym membership, and more. You know, I just want to settle into a (finally) adult life.

But I want to be intentional about my choices, actions and decisions. And I don't want to be passive.

If the first week of the year is any indication, I have a ways to go.

I was also struck this past week of how much Seattle is starting to feel like home, and how much I want it to be. There was a moment where I felt like this is my place, at least for now.

So it's time to get intentional with my job hunt.

For the moment, I've moved out of my apartment, am house sitting for the next five weeks, and have a short term job starting next week. So I'm set for the next month or so, the perfect cushion to at least get started with my hunt.

Onward and upward, 2013. Let's do this.


  1. I'm so glad Seattle feels like home to you! It's such a wonderful city and there's nowhere else I would rather be. Sometimes I forget to look around and remember how beautiful it is here, but when I do I feel very lucky.

    If you need any help with the job hunt you may want to check out Velling & Associates. I've worked with Jenny there for years and she's absolutely fantastic.

  2. Best of luck! More than half the battle is deciding where you want to live and thrive. Good for you!

  3. Good luck, Elizabeth! Keep us posted on settling into 'adult life' :)

  4. I think this is a great theme for all that will be happening/changing for you in 2013. And I'm happy to hear that Seattle is beginning to feel like home to you. Yay!