Awkward and Awesome: All the Phone Calls

I am not a person who likes talking on the phone. I never have been. In high school, I worked (briefly) in a doctor's office and I dreaded having to answer the phone.

That said, today was spent making any number of phone calls. I had a list of to-dos that I had been putting off and I finally made a list and got almost all of them done. I still have one more phone call to make (okay, maybe two), but at least everything else got a check mark beside it.

Anyways, I thought I'd take a couple minutes to recap the awkward and awesome moments of my week.

- A complete lack of motivation. I was only successful today in getting things done because I made a list. (Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned there.) Next week, I start working again, and at 7 a.m. too, so I won't be able to be quite as lazy going forward.
- The place where I'm house sitting has an old school rotary phone and the ring is so loud. Seriously.
- There's also a mail slot in the door. The mail scares me every single day I hear it come crashing in. The first day I literally jumped. And then was embarassed because I was also still in sweats.
- My love for Biscoff cookies (or speculoos, as the non-branded name goes). I bought a package at World Market (a.k.a. the most dangerous store ever) over the weekend and they were gone by Tuesday. Tomorrow I plan on attempting to bake some of my own. Bad plan? Probably.

- I finally watched the first episode of Downton tonight. I know many of you have seen the whole season already, but I've been saving it. While it seemed a little slow, I love the dialogue and varying unfolding plot lines. Plus, a friend came over to watch while we snacked and enjoyed some wine, so it was a pretty perfect evening.
- I'm headed to Portland for the weekend with my mom. One of my oldest friends, since we were months old, got engaged and her family is having a party. Then we'll watch the Seahawks (win, fingers crossed!).
- But first, I'm having brunch with some lovely ladies I met via blogging and social media. It's so fun to see community formed through the Internet.

Apparently most of my awesomes are in the future, but at least I have something to look forward to. What have been the awkward or awesome moments in your week?


  1. Yay brunch! So excited for Saturday.

    Also, I have not seen the whole season of Downton either. I think you and I have some awesome Sunday nights ahead of us...

  2. Ugh. I feel like I need to watch Downton too. Don't want to get obsessed though.

    I hope you get used to the stuff at your job. I'm SUPER jumpy too and it's always really awkward.

  3. Rotary phones still exist? This is amazing... Even my grandma, who passed over 10 years ago, had upgraded...

  4. i'm totally the same about talking on the phone. hate it. just text me, k? haha

  5. I absolutely feel your pain about the telephone... I hate it so much!

    And I'm so anxious about the Hawks game I can barely concentrate...

  6. My day job requires me to answer the phone. So when I head home. I hate talking on the phone.

  7. I love the blog! I need to check out Downton Abbey and see what all the hype is about!

  8. I hate the phone with a passion...Like a serious passion.

    My biggest awkward moment was when I sent in a rough draft of a job application instead of the final draft...Oy! Luckily the people seemed fairly nice about it.

    And the most awesome moment was the moonlight cinema with IC. So snuggily!

  9. The Seahawks game was a nail biter yesterday - yikes, they gave it a really fair shake. As my whole weekend was tv (playoffs / Golden Globes) it's time to get productive now

  10. happy new yearrrrr!!!!!!!!!! i hate making phone calls, why do i hate it so much?!