A blogger friend, Lil Desiqua, gave me a blogging award, The Versatile Blogger award. It's such an honor, and I really love the community I've gotten to know blogging.

As part of the award, I'm sharing seven facts about myself. I'm also supposed to nominate bloggers to share as well, but I'd rather just have you share a random fact (or seven) about yourself here in the comments. Because I want to know about all of you.

I've actually been trying to put these facts together for a while, but I've shared quite a few random facts about myself over the years (here and here). 32 facts, actually.

And I'm riding a bit of a sweet potato mole high, so if things get a little scattered, blame the deliciousness.

Seven Random Facts:

#1: I have a bit of a lead foot. Not in an endangering-lives way, but in a love-cruising-the-open-road way.

#2: I refused to wear dresses for a number of years. But now I love them. I like to think of my style as tomboy chic.

#3: Pre-braces I had an overbite big enough to fit my fingers in. Thanks Mom and Dad for chipping in the fix that problem!!

#4: I only discovered sweet potatoes last year, and am a complete addict. I eat them multiple times a week. Seriously.

#5: Onions and garlic make me emotional like nothing else. Tears pouring down my face. And the snot. I am never going to cook either while trying to impress someone. Because I will fail completely.

#6: I feel naked without a watch on. I got one I loved a couple years ago and then went to Europe sans cell phone, and now I hate to be parted from it. It makes me feel a little old school, but at least it's one more reason not to look at my phone.

#7: Okay, for real, I'm blanking on a seventh random fact. So ask me a question in the comments and I'll answer. Or, better yet, share a random fact about yourself. Or just pretend I wrote something incredibly interesting here.

But seriously, I want to know random things about you. It will make this whole thing much less of a vanity exercise.


  1. I luuuurve sweet potatoes. I bought some the other day and last night I mashed them, then added a whole bunch of stuff - garlic, onion (I cried, too), herb chevre, spinach, and black beans. I mixed it all together, put some in a bowl, and topped it with avocado slices. So easy, so healthy, and so freaking delicious.

    A random fact about me, which you may know already? I cry whenever I go to Disneyland. Seriously. When I walk through the gates onto Main Street, I can't even control myself. It is truly the happiest place on earth.

  2. A random fact about me? I hate the word 'epic'. Way over used in my opinion.

  3. I know the watch feeling. I bought a nice one for myself last year and it's always weird to not have it on at work. I weirdly look at my naked wrist for the time...

  4. marks friend taught him a magic way to cut onions so that you don't cry, it's amazing! i don't know how though, i just throw it in the food processor and in to the pain quickly. also, if you wear ski goggles while doing it, it own't affect you. that is my trick!

  5. Every time I chop onions, I swear to myself I'm getting a food chopper because it physically HURTS. My eyes just burn so badly. I really hate any recipe that requires onions!

  6. I have a total lead food as well - I can't help it!

  7. I seriously, seriously hate chalk. Like cannot touch it or even look at it without getting anxiety. I'm told this is called Calxophobia and I'm aware that it's super weird...