Awkward and Awesome: All the Awkwards

To be honest, this post is going to be heavy on the awkards. I'm feeling a little sleep deprived, punchy, loopy, etc.

In fact, it took me three tries to spell 'deprived', if that's any sort of indication.

I also just edited a 3300 word blog post for one of my other gigs, so that didn't help much either. There's a reason every blog post here takes me forever to write. And it's not because they are really long.

Anyways. I am going to move on from my rambling to bullet points. I think it will work better. Or less worse.

- Waking up an hour before my 5 a.m. alarm. Yucky. I'm still not over it. Obviously.
- I had to walk past a man sleeping outside my work's front door yesterday. I tried not to wake him.
- I wore a white top while cooking mole sauce. Very, very bad idea.
- My inability to nap is really a bummer with my current work schedule. I am not falling asleep as early as I need to and then I can't fall asleep during the day when I have the time to. So annoying. Also, I get off at 10 a.m., so I should have time to accomplish so much. But I don't want to. Because I'm tired. All that to say, I get why kids get so cranky when they lack sleep. I could go for a tantrum right now. </end rant>
- Feeling like an old woman. Random aches and pains.
- My roommate's cat Napoleon loves my window, but there's no screen, so I spend a lot of time worried he's about to fall two floors to the ground.

- Having a random guy on the street tell me I was beautiful. What girl doesn't love that?! Especially when it's not a sleazy/creepy.
- Being told I did a great job at work.
- My family already planning the menu for when I'm up visiting this weekend. Just one of the many reasons I love them.
- Peanut M&Ms

So, what was awkward and awesome about your week?


  1. Awesome... we are buying a new house in Snoqualmie Ridge, and our condo in Ballard is on the market! However, if the condo sells quickly we will be homeless, because the new house won't be finished for six months. So that will be awkward...

  2. Your awesomes are REALLY awesome. Almost cancel out the awkwards, ya know? :)

    Awesome: A really, really fun lunch (and perhaps also a bitch session about a certain boss of ours...) that really lifted my spirits when I needed it today. And setting up an interview for next week, woo!

    Awkward... Still waiting on that darned 1-year review. Almost 2 months late now. GRR!

  3. have you tried the pretzel m&m's???? yummmmm.