Weekly Intentions: Back in Business

I'm laying in bed getting ready for the week. Or relaxing before it starts. Or just being lazy. The jury is still out.

(Confession: I'm actually watching The West Wing. One of the best shows ever.)

It's been a busy but wonderful weekend. Thursday I drove up to my parents' so I could do laundry and run errands. Friday evening, my mom and I headed out to San Juan Island to spend two days with my uncle (more on that later). And today I got my room in order and cleaned (almost entirely).i also got groceries. Woman cannot live on Trader Jo Jos alone.

I wanted to start the week with a few things I want to accomplish. Give myself some goals, especially as I start work tomorrow.

Weekly Intentions:
1. Get up at 7am and shower each weekday.
2. Get a shelf cut for the closet.
3. Research custom frames for a print (suggestions welcome!).
4. Only eat out once...okay, maybe twice.
5. Go for a run, walk, something at least twice.
6. Put together my Shutterfly photo book.
7. Decide what class I'm taking.
8. Process photos from this past weekend.
9. Eat some vegetables.
10. Discover new, fun music (suggestions also welcome).

What do you intend to do this week?


  1. I should come over and see you after work! We could go for a walk!

  2. Look into Michael's Crafts for your custom frame. They have a 60% off coupon every week on their website. All you have to do is print it out!

    Good luck with your week! I should make a list too.

  3. Sounds like you've got a busy week with that list! I'm still in recovery mode, but need to get through a few things I've been intending to do. (errr... laundry, unpacking...)

  4. i have this huge stupid to do list and the whole day off today. i've been busy all day but with nothing on my list! clearly blogging is not on my list either..

  5. I spent the weekend in the San Juans, too! My goal for the month is to deal with our wedding photos... get them posted to a site for our friends and family to access, choose images for the books that came with our packages, and print photos for family Christmas gifts. I MUST GET THIS DONE!! :-)

  6. Watching The West Wing is being productive.

  7. Run... I've been running like it's the last thing I'll ever do and actually enjoying it for once in my life!

  8. ugh, we're also looking at some custom framing... so I feel your pain! It's a hassle, no doubt.