Awkward and Awesome: the short and short of it

This week has ended up being a bit crazy. I have only eaten one or two meals at home so far, if that says anything.

Due to that, this is only post #2 for the week. But I do have three more days to get another post up to meet my goal.

But before I have to head off to work (my coverage today changed from 6am to 3pm--a little different) I'd like to at least share my awkward and awesome moments from the week.

- 6:30 feeling like sleeping in.
- The amount of money Starbucks getting from me now that I have to be at work at 6am.
- Waiting until today, the day before the registration deadline, to sign up for classes (which start Monday)
- Injuries have decimated my fantasy football team.
- Having a whole bullet about fantasy football.
- Approximately 10 half finished blog posts. It's not that I don't have ideas or enjoy blogging. It's that other stuff seems to get in the way. Like playing solitaire. (Mostly kidding about the solitaire.)
- It's been cold in the mornings but hot by the afternoons. Basically, I have to make an outfit change most days. I'm such a diva.

- Catching up with a number of different friends. Plus the friend dates included brunch, lunch, and happy hour. So wonderful!
- Getting a comp ticket to a beer/food pairing event. 11 stations filled with local restaurants and breweries. So delicious.
- Having my work shift change for two days. I'm enjoying "sleeping in."
- Being able to use my old laptop so I can get work AND watch all the episodes of West Wing. Plus, once I finish I get into all the shows starting back up this fall.
- Freshly painted nails, that haven't chipped (yet).

So, what's been awkward and awesome about your week?


  1. honest up on the solitaire, haha!

  2. Ugh. "Sleeping in." It makes me feel so... old. :(

  3. I can't "sleep in" past about 8am anymore even when given the opportunity... This makes me feel old.

  4. what's the secret for having nails that don't chip!? :/

  5. Try 4:30 feeling like sleeping in. How awful is that?

  6. I start my work at 6am every day.. but love it when I can leave at 1 or 2 or 3 at noon, I have almost all day free!

  7. Do you have a secret to non-chipped nails? Bc mine are terrible after a day or so... even with a clear coat on top!

  8. I work sun down to sun down, or dark to dark now that autumn is here