Day 1 Under Our Belts

We're half an hour in to day two of driving. Yesterday we covered just under 800 miles and we're hoping to go a little further tonight, ending the day somewhere in South Dakota.

Let me tell you, driving a U-Haul during construction season is a ton of fun. The narrow lanes take me back to driving in Ireland, except I'm in a larger vehicle going at much higher speeds. It should be fine.

Sadly, we don't have much time for sight seeing. Our one off-freeway excursion was to Walmart (ugh) in Auburn, New York. Exciting stuff happening here.

Now we're just waiting for the next service area to grab gas and breakfast. Heads up, the Red Roof Inn in Maumee, Ohio doesn't serve breakfast.

P.S. I included the picture to show you my mad parking skills. Also, I backed that thing up to a gas pump.


  1. I like how literal and serious your posts always are!

  2. There's not much that's scarier than driving in Ireland! Good job with the parking... I could NEVER drive one of those things!

  3. That looks like the size of the truck we rented to move out to Washington too. Kudos on the parking skills. I wouldn't even attempt to drive a truck that size!

  4. Oh my goodness, kudos to you, I'd be scared to drive that!

  5. i loveeeee road trips. ok, i loveeeee riding in the car on road trips. i don't like driving!