A Lot of Wonderful Things

I have high hopes to create a time lapse of our cross-country drive in the next week. But I had a good friend fly in for a long weekend visit and blogging has fallen to the wayside again.

So far, we've seen some of Seattle, bummed around my hometown, and tomorrow we're headed up into Canada.

She's worried about all the driving we'll be doing, while to me, it's really nothing.

The visit has been a blast so far, catching up, eating delicious food, sunshine, exercise, and beer and wine tours. Pretty much perfection.

I can't wait to get back into a rhythm with life, blogging, and everything else, but for now I'm soaking up the last few days of summer.


  1. This summer has gone by far too quickly... let's hope the weather holds out for a while longer!

  2. live it up! we'll have plenty of time to blog in the cold winter i guess :)