Blogging Besties

I'm busy sorting through photos and stuff around here. While I get organized, I wanted to pop in with a quick post on a recent blog swap I took part in.

Krysten, over at Why Girls are Weird, hosted the Blogging Besties Swap. Each participant filled out a little survey and Krysten matched us up based on our answers. Then we sent little packages in the mail to our partner.

I was matched up with Hena, a Pakistani photographer who lives in New Jersey. She shares her gorgeous photography and little pieces of her life over on her blog. I highly recommend checking it out!

My package is on its way to Hena right now, but I received hers just a couple days ago. I wanted to share the goodies she sent my way.

Hena definitely got my tastes with this little package. I love peacocks because of all the colors in their feathers--pretty much every color I love is there. Peanut butter and chocolate is definitely one of the best combinations ever. And that wall hanging will be the perfect addition to my new home.

I had a blast taking part in this swap and getting to know Hena. So much fun!


  1. HI darling! I just discovered your blog via Hena! What a great initiative...xoxo

  2. What a fun way to meet a new person! :) p.s. She nailed the contents of that package for ya.

  3. aw, this is really fun...the wall hanging is very cool

  4. looks AWESOME. I've been wanting to take part in Krysten's blog swap for a couple of years now - but everytime it comes along I'm particularly cash poor (planning a wedding? no job?). Next time.