This Week's Nails

***Sorry about the delayed posting on my Ten on Tuesday.  I scheduled it and don't really know what happened!***

As I mentioned last week (or whenever it was), Pinterest has gotten me all excited about nail art.

I've had a nail polish addiction for a while now, but had mainly been doing the all over color, mostly on my toenails.  I am not super skilled.

When I saw this picture:
I knew I wanted to try it.

So I dotted these polishes over a white base:
And got these nails:

It was actually pretty easy.  I just needed enough patience to let the white dry before I added the dots.  I used the end of a bobby pin to apply the color and didn't worry too much about perfection.

And these nails, I've gotten more compliments than I would have thought.  Seriously.  At the coffee stand the male barista said if he was going to paint his nails, that's how he'd do it.  At U-Haul, the man said he liked my wonderbread nails.  At happy hour Tuesday, the woman held my hand while I decided what I wanted to eat.

I just feel so accomplished.


  1. Those nails are GORGEOUS!!! I'm totally going to do that on my sisters!

  2. Great job! I saw these on Pinterest too (probably your pin). These look terrific, girly. Hopefully the move hasn't destroyed them.