In honor of the past 6 weeks

My cousin Michelle headed home this weekend. She and I have basically been attached at the hip since my arrival in Helsinki on June 27, which was quite a while ago.

It was a blast to get to know her as an adult (and through her blog over the past year or so). We had a lot of fun, played a lot of Yahtzee, and ate a lot of food, the three cornerstones to any successful vacation.

In honor of all the time we spent together, I thought I'd share some of the sillier photographs from the past six weeks. Enjoy!

(Click on the collage to see the awesomeness up close and personal!)

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  1. You've seriously had an amazing summer. I'm a bit envious! :P

    Happy Monday, girl!

  2. Oh man ... I really know how to make a face! :D And figure this out: I'm missing you all already!