Wednesday Quick Blog

I feel like this week is flying by.  I've been busy, with work and more work.  I haven't unpacked from this weekend.  My room is a disaster.  And I'm struggling to just keep up with all my blog reading.

If I've learned anything this spring, it's that I'll have to cut back on the blogs I follow come this fall.  Working while going to school will probably be fairly time consuming.  I'll deal with the problem later.

I don't want to borrow trouble.

In other news, our dogs ate an entire package of mint Oreos this afternoon.  They were on the back of the stove (the Oreos).  Needless to say, the dogs' energy levels were a little high when my dad and I returned from the mowing fields.

Well, I know this has been a riveting ten sentences, but I need to head to bed.  I have 6 hours of typing, a mattress to pick up, and dinner with a friend tomorrow.  It's going to fun, especially the dinner.

Although, who doesn't love a trip to pick up a mattress?!

1 comment:

  1. I would assume my energy levels would also skyrocket after a whole package of Oreos.

    Sort of jealous of the dog... and his metabolism.