Awkward and Awesome: the abridged version.

It's not quite Friday yet, but I'm calling it that already.

I have a little more than an hour to get this done before Thursday officially ends.  And it's going to take all my brain power to make it happen.  That's the kind of week it's been.

Without further ado, my awkwards and awesomes.

- The direct correlation between the hours I'm working and my desire to wear anything other than hoodies and tennis shoes.  But I haven't given in once this week.  Too bad I still have 8 more weeks to survive.
- Having to sit in the corner of a classroom by the trash.  There's just nothing good about it.
- Sitting in front of a computer for 11.5 straight hours every Tuesday.  I'm not sure my back will ever be the same.
- The recent weather.  It has only felt like spring for a few moments here and there.  Spring here usually means rain, but it's been freezing with freakish weather recently.  (Freakish = snow/hail)
- Migraines.  Actually, they are just plain awful.
- 90% of my awkwards having to do with work.

- Dinner catching up with good family friends.  Also, seafood mac 'n' cheese and roasted apple bread pudding.  Delicious.
- A trip to Europe.  Every spare moment is spent planning and plotting.  Currently I'm fixated on what shoes to bring and what bag to carry.
- My friend's bachelorette party this weekend.  Spa day, fancy dinner, night at the casino.  There's nothing this perenially-single girl loves more than good girl time.
- Naps when the sun is shining.  Or naps when the it's raining.  Or just naps.  I don't nap very often, mostly because it takes a while to fall asleep and requires a good chunk of time, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them.

That's all I'm mustering tonight.  Happy Friday all!

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  1. Have fun this weekend at the bachelorette! I've got one coming up in May and I cannot wait! :)

    Happy Friday!