Awkward and Awesome: Summer Come and Gone

What is this posting two-days-in-a-row business?!  I can't even explain it.

I'm not going too crazy with the awkwards and awesomes this week.  But I am happy to report a pretty equal division between the two categories.  Much better than a couple weeks ago.  Victory!

- The timing of the rain all week.  I've been teased by sun shining while I'm working and rain falling when I get off.
- Rumors of snow tonight.  Not okay.
- My current eating habits are just bad.  I need to get in a better schedule and I really need to plan my meals out more.
- I thought I found the perfect little booties to tromp around Europe in.  Instead they made my left foot fall asleep.  I don't think that's a good sign.  So I'm back to square one.
- Rats all over our basement.  One died and has been stinking up my parent's bathroom.  So we're all sharing one bathroom.  Overall, it's been a blast.
- I still don't know a lot about my Europe trip.  The details are getting ironed out and there have been a few bumps along the way.

- For my trip, I am getting up for a conference call with the travel agent tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it's at 6:45, but for Europe it's worth it.  And I'm going to visit my family in Finland.  Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have more details.
- The weather this past Saturday.  It was sunny and around 70.  For a day or so, it finally felt like spring was here and summer was just around the corner.
- The new reality show, The Voice.  It's all good singers and I'm loving all the music.
- This weekend!  My mom and I are meeting my oldest childhood friend and her mom for lunch on Saturday.  Then I'm going back with them to Portland for a Timbers game and some fun.  And I'm taking the train home, which is a mostly gorgeous trip.  I can't wait!!!!
- This video (from Rachael).  So hilariously cute.


  1. I can't wait to hear more about your Europe trip! That is going to be awesome. And your trip to Portland sounds fun as well, Josh and I have been talking about taking the train down there sometime. I know you're super busy this semester (quarter?) but anytime you have some free time or are in Mount Vernon, let me know! I would love some company!

  2. I had a mouse once and freaked out. I cannot imagine my reaction to a rat. It would not be good. And I'd be moving. Asap....

  3. I sooo wanted to go to Portland when I was on your side of the world. And Europe?? Color me jealous. I will, however, find happiness in our sunny, 70 degree weather. Enjoy the snow!

  4. Ahhh, I love that video! So cute. My friend just went on a little trip to visit family in Sweden, totally jealous.

  5. ooo i wanna know how the conference call went?! details!