Blah, I'm tired, Blah.

This quarter's schedule at work has me feeling rather exhausted.  The craziness wasn't a surprise.

There are new students that we're providing service for and not enough workers.  The newest transcribers, who would normally spend a quarter training, are being thrown straight into class.

Things are just plain crazy.  In fact, I'm working 10am-8pm on Tuesdays, straight, with no break.  My back is a little tight.

Yesterday evening, after finishing up my editing when I got home, I spent about 15 minutes speed reading blog posts for the day (my long list of blogs I follow coming back to haunt me), unwinding, and watching a little TV.

And that was it.  I had to get to bed so I could wake up and leave by 7:15 the next morning.

Luckily, this afternoon, after picking up another hour of work for the quarter and finishing typing up captions for a video, I got to head home.  My dad and I mowed one lawn and otherwise I've been able to relax.  It's been wonderful.

Now you're getting this wonderful post.

I'm telling you, the blog is going to be crazy interesting for the next two months. (SF*)

I don't really have a point to this post, except to say that I could really use a masseuse.  I'm accepting applications for the position.  I can't promise much in terms of pay, but you will get to enjoy my sarcasm daily.  So that's pretty major.  (SF)

I should probably just go to bed.  And I will, once this episode of Criminal Minds is done.  Night!

I just realized you could have gotten the gist of this post just from the title.  So if you made it this far, thanks.  It really means a lot.

*SF stands for sarcasm font.  Have I talked about this before?  The family and I decided we needed a way to signal sarcasm in texts. And since you can't actually change the font, SF was born.  We're very creative, I know.  Please, hold your applause.


  1. Ha! I love the sarcasm font (TSF)*

    Just think, even with all the craziness you still have Europe to look forward to in June!!!

    *Totally Serious Font

  2. You should invent the sarcasm font and sell it online, you will make enough dough for a rub down whenever you want ;) I think it would look a little unibomer style....

  3. if you find that masseuse please tell me!!!!
    (and thanks for your note while i was gone!)

  4. Oh, man I love (SF). I should use that as my signature for everything.