Awkward and Awesome

I've turned into a lazy blogger.  If it wasn't for my internet addiction and these semi-regular weekly posts, you probably would never hear from me.

Also, I'm busy.

Not that busy, but still.  A girl needs her excuses for at least some of the laziness.

- Conversations with people on heavy-duty pain killers.  My boss had surgery this week and is doing fine.  I called her to check in.  It was funny.
- My avoidance of anything resembling a hair brush.  Seriously, the only time I might think about using one is when I blow dry my hair, and sometimes not even then.
- The fact that it hailed two mornings in a row this week.  That's not right.
- Getting a major tune-up on my car this Friday.  I'm already dreading the bill.  I'm also afraid they are going to say my brakes need to be replaced.
- Still needing to get a new windshield.  I decided to wait until after the winter.  You know, just because.
- I went to pick up a mattress set for my parents from Macy's today and the man at the loading dock just watched me as I put on the straps.  I knew what I was doing but the added pressure was annoying.
- Getting my financial aid for next year and having it be all loans.  This just solidified my need for a job down south.
- How out of control my room is.  I am a good piler of crap, though.

- My sister coming home for the weekend.
- A fun baking project that I will share (assuming it's a success).  Hopefully I'll be able to talk the sister into helping me out.
- Dinner with a friend tonight.
- The sun making an appearance today.
- Shabby Apple dresses.  Have you been tempted?  I definitely crossed the line of temptation last night.
- The puppy cuddling with me as a I write this post.
- We should be getting finalized details for Europe tomorrow.  I can't wait to find out and share!!!
- My general use of grammar and the English language.  Take "good piler of crap,"for example.

Well, I'm off to research some recipes.  I can't move because the puppy (and by puppy, I mean 4 year old) is literally resting her head on my left hand.  Today's post was a team effort.


  1. Can't wait to see your new dresses!

    Enjoy the time with your sista, sista.

  2. People on pain meds are hilarious! I'm pretty sure the hubs had some good laughs at my expense after I came home from the hospital when we had our lil' dude!

  3. I love that you have a label called Awkward and Awesome.....so funny and SO TRUE. Your posts crack me UP!