High Levels of Excitement

This weekend was fairly packed with fun and it's carrying over into this evening.  I had some great fun with friends.  Friday afternoon I got to catch up with a good friend (it had been almost 9 months, ridiculous) over nachos and Big Mama margaritas.  Happy hour goodness.

That night I went to an acoustic show by a good friend and her band Jamalia.  It was great to see her play and she's multi-talented (keyboard, guitar and vocals!).

Saturday, during the day, it felt like I was working hard and not getting much done.  The parents were out of town visiting my sis, so I was on my own for lawn mowing.  The frost we got overnight combined with the size of one lawn I had to do made for not much else getting done.

After church on Saturday evening, 6 of us went to Red Robin for dinner, along with a ton of high schoolers all dressed up for Homecoming.  I felt old.  We had a blast laughing and probably drove our waiter a little crazy.

Sunday, I headed down to the Emerald City for EtsyRAIN, a craft show by local Etsy artists.  It was so fun to check out different vendors in person, great to save on shipping, and we even got there early enough to get a swag bag.

I ended buying some cool magnets, a fun print, lollipops, and some really adorable head bands.  It was a complete success.

Tonight I'm excited to take part in my first IRL blogger meetup for some cupcake decorating.  It should be fun!

If I were a cooler person, I'd have pictures to prove that I've been so busy.  Instead, you'll just have to take my word for it.


  1. I really wanted to go to the Etsy fair, but my birthday party was on Saturday and I ended up having to work all day on Sunday. Yay. Glad you had fun!

    I can't make it to the cupcake decorating tonight because of class :-( I hope you all have fun, though!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say it was really nice meeting you tonight. I still can't believe you drove down from Bellingham. I am following you now via Google Reader! BTW i think you have an awesome job, very unique. Do you ever write about it?

  3. I don't believe you! aahah just kidding :) at least take pics of cupcakes!!

  4. Love that you went to the Etsy show!
    My store is on Etsy.
    xx Emily from EL Vintage

  5. How did the Blogger meetup go?? Cupcake decorating sounds like yummy fun.

    And Red Robin sounds heavenly!

    {Why am I so food obsessed when it's almost time for bed. Serious. Issues. That's why.}