Beer and Cupcakes

a.k.a. my trip to the emerald city for a blogger get together.

When Carrie of My Chocolate Covered To Do List invited me to a sprinkle party with other Seattle bloggers, I immediately said yes.

After weeks of comparing schedules and emailing back and forth, a date was finally set for this past Monday.

Since I don't actually live in the city and was probably going to fight traffic, I decided to invite a friend to come with me and head down a little early.

Of course, planning ahead meant there was no traffic to speak of.  Not that I'm complaining.

Just up the street from the cupcakery is Elysian Brewery, a place I had been before and just couldn't help stopping by again for dinner.

We tried an amazing pumpkin ale, The Great Pumpkin.
(Don't mind the amazing staging on the photo.)  I liked the beer so much I feel safe saying it was perhaps my favorite beer I've ever had.

For real.

I also had a delicious shepherd's pie.

From dinner, my friend and walked down to Cupcake Royale for the sprinkle party.  The shop had an awesome table set up for us.
Notice the amazing art that we gazed upon all night.  We got a coupon for free hot drinks and lots of cupcakes to decorate.  Plus, Carrie brought red wine to sip on.

Unfortunately, not everyone invited could make it.  That left a lot of cupcakes for the rest of us to decorate.
We managed to struggle through.

There were multiple colors of frosting and lots of sprinkle choices.  I had to a Halloween-inspired version as well.
Even better than the cupcakes was the chance to connect with area bloggers, especially in person.  I met the mastermind of Delishhh, Jeanna, and recent midwest transplant Sarah.  They were all fabulous.

Now we're hoping to make it a more regular event (getting together, not decorating cupcakes).

Not that I would ever say no to a cupcake.  In case you didn't notice, I have a thing for chocolate.


  1. Cupcakes!!!!!!! I would never say no to cupcakes either. ;) I would love to go to these outings with you bloggers!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I'm so bummed I had to miss it, but I love Carrie's idea of having a get together once a month. It looks like it was a wonderful evening!

  3. Ok... I love it! I now have the strong desire to do a blogger meetup at a cupcake shop. Waaaay better than frozen yogurt... lol

  4. How come even the cupcakes in America look better? ;) It all sounds like real fun!

  5. How come even the cupcakes in America look better? ;) It all sounds like real fun!

  6. Elysian is great! I haven't had their pumpkin beer, but I'm curious now. We should do a meet up at Uber sometime. Though I guess not everyone likes beer...and that's pretty much all they have. (But it's glorious if you do!)

  7. ok beer/cupcakes - two of my fave things! and how fun to get together with other bloggers...that's awesome

  8. Looks like it was a great evening. How could it not be with cupcakes involved???

  9. Took me awhile to get here... but thanks for linking to my blog - and it was so fun to meet you in person! I'm adding your blog to my reader. :)