Fall Fashion Day 4

Before I get started with the outfit, I just have to tell all of you how much I'm enjoying your comments and your outfits.  This is just so much fun!

I'm not going to lie.  I've been dreaming of wearing this dress for months and more recently I've been imagining this outfit.

I got the dress 40% off at the Banana Republic outlet this summer.  The color screams fall and the shape of it is pretty much perfect.

I had hoped to wear creamy tights, but since I waited until the last minute, I ended up with white.  Every time I look at my legs, I think I'm really pale.

Guys, I'm not that pale.  At least, not yet.  Check back in with me in February.

I actually got up to shower this morning so you could see my hair in all its crazy glory.  I'm actually getting it cut/colored on Friday.  Should I keep the blond-ish highlights?  I've kind of been tempted by the idea of reddish highlights.  What are your thoughts?
(My mom took my pictures for the second day in a row and wanted me to try some different poses.  Obviously, I'm a professional.)

Unfortunately, my showering this morning meant I ran out of time since I didn't actually get up any earlier than usual.  I actually had a fudgesicle for breakfast.  I thought you should know.

I am not a morning person and I always choose sleep.

I got the headband when I went to the Etsy RAIN craft show a few weeks ago.  Love it.

I actually tied the ends of my scarf together to create my own infinity/loop scarf, but it was actually an idea I got from this lovely blogger.  I love the coziness the looped scarf adds.

Outfit Details:
Brown Hooded Peacoat - Old Navy
Shirtdress - Banana Republic
Scarf - ? I don't remember.
Headband - Solstice Designs
Belt - Fred Meyer
Tights - Hue from Macy's
Boots - Fergalicious (true story, but I love them)


  1. CUTE!!! that dress is so perfect for fall!

  2. Love the dress...the color is perfect for fall! And I was loving your hair before I read you had washed it :)

  3. super cute! love the color of the dress and the belt with it is a great touch.

  4. So cute! The color and shape are great on you and your hair looks fab! I have no luck with hair.

  5. You have NO idea how much I love this dress!!! AMAZING!!!

  6. This outfit is perfection. You are so right, the scarf adds coziness.

    I'd love to see you with some red highlights for Fall!!

  7. That dress is adorable! I think i'm going to start telling people that I'm wearing white tights, because I have the whitest legs in the WORLD!

  8. Your dress is amazing! I love the color of it! And your hair is fantastically crazy. I love it, it makes me want long hair! (I also think you should try red in your hair....it would be fun!)

  9. Pretttty dress!
    I love this look. Beautiful.

  10. great dress, and i'm impressed you make the white tights work! whenever i try mine i feel like i end up looking like a little kid. =) the boots totally make it work. great look!

  11. I have some dress envy right now...

  12. I'm trying really hard not to be too envious that you can wear boots and a coat with out overheating today! It's so hot where I live, a lady is walking down my street right now in shorts and tshirt.
    Needless to say--cute outfit!

  13. That belt is KILLER. Love it on that awesome dress!

  14. Your hair is beautiful! And that dress is so flattering!

  15. Love your cute posing! You can't go wrong with your hair as it looks great now and change is always fun. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  16. Fudgesickle for breakfast?! You rock.

    Haha, I feel ya' about the February paleness factor. I seriously feel more pasty than those tights during that bleak month.

    I always condone red highlights. You could join my club (yay for redheads!). Gingers totally have more fun.

  17. too cute!!! I wish I wore dresses more.

  18. That's a fantastic shirtdress, I love the color!

  19. I love the dress!!! and I say red highlights. Its fall, go fall colors, even in your hair! ;]