Fall Fashion Day 3

Today was not my best effort.

It all started with our springer spaniel scratching at my door sometime that was way too early in the morning.  Then, of course, my door was open and I could hear everything my dad did with his morning.

And the dog kept bugging me to scratch her.

With that my plans for a shower before work and plenty of time to pick out an outfit flew out the window.  Instead I hit snooze, a few times.

That isn't to say I don't like my outfit.  It just isn't as put together as I had imagined.  You'll notice I'm lacking in the accessory department.  What you can't see is how badly my hair needs to be washed.
This look is pretty standard for me at work.  I have to layer to handle walking around outside and transition into the classroom.
All that said, there are definitely things I like about this outfit.  My fall-splurge boots are back in action.  The sweater is lovely.  And I'm pretty much in love with my new bag.
I really love the detailing on the sweater.  And the color is a beautiful brown-gray.  And it's soft.  Did I mention I love it?
Em Jae had commented on my bed spread on Day 1.  It's actually a quilt made by my mother.  One of the benefits of living at home is that I've gotten a few things made by my mother.
She also made me this lap quilt.  I wish you could see all the fabulous fabrics in this quilt.  So lovely.

You want to know what made my day today...this:

Outfit details:
Jacket - Northface, many years ago
Sweater - Gap ($8)
Black pashmina - no idea, Macy's ?
Boyfriend jeans (stuffed into my boots) - Gap ($20)
Boots - Steve Madden at DSW ($90)
Computer bag - J'tote ($75)

P.S. Mostly because Blogger doesn't allow replies to comments, I took the picture in my header this summer at my cousin's wedding as they were leaving.  I used one of Pioneer's Woman actions on it in Photoshop, but I can't remember which one.

P.P.S. I'll try to be less whiney tomorrow.  Promise.


  1. I think the purse really adds to the outfit, I like it a lot!

  2. Your outfit seems practical - which is what I'm all about! But on a totally non-clothing related thought, that quilt is pretty amazing! I have a couple of quilts from my mom and they are very special. :-)

  3. your bag is so fun and beautiful! I love it! and I love the pop of color in the sweater. you still look pretty well put together!

  4. I LOVE that bag! Really Beautiful!

  5. practical, stylish and pretty! <3

  6. Oh that bag! :-) So nice. But I love your sweater, too, looks so comfy and the red jacket is great.

  7. absolutely loving the detail on that sweater!!!! and all the things you matched with it, amazing. can't wait til i can wear my fall boots again! the weather here is so unpredictable!

  8. Yum pomegranates! I love the layering in your outfit, and that bag is gorgeous!

  9. That sweater DOES look soft and comfy. Also, I love that quilt!

  10. Love the scarf and pomegranates!

  11. you look really comfy, and you really can't beat homemade quilts. we received one last year from my husband's grandmother that makes my heart happy every time i look at it.

  12. your jacket adds a lovely pop of color! and, I know menswear is in, but I don't like to FEEL like a man.

  13. I love those boots, nice sharp black dresses everything up but the are flat so hopefully comfortable too!
    Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot

  14. I love the brown-grey color!!

  15. Hey, you weren't too whiny at all... you tell it like it is and you've balanced out negativity with positivity. That's a great new bag, lovely sweater and I heart that quilt!

  16. I thought that quilt looked handmade! How sweet :]

  17. Fab bag and love that bed spread. Super cute.