Special Delivery

Today, weather-wise, is not so pretty.  It's been gloomy, cloudy, rainy all day long.

It's the type of weather that makes me want to put on sweatpants, grab a cup of tea and a book, and curl up by the fire.

The only good news of the day came in the form of new shoes--something that always makes me happy!

Take at look at these beauties.

How can shoes that beautiful not put a smile on your face?!

As my mom said, now I just have to figure out what to where them with, and what to wear them to.


At least the shoes made this soggy Wednesday a little better.

On the downside, I also had ordered a cute pair of wedges to wear to my cousin's wedding reception.  But the shoes are a little tight.

But oh, so cute!  Dang it.

They were a little pricey though.  Now I'm just trying to decide if it's worth trying to get them stretched out a little bit.

Maybe I'll go check out Target and Payless and see what my cheap options are before I do anything drastic.

Or maybe I'll just keep them and suffer through the pain.  They might stretch out a little, right?


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