I blame Starbucks. Kinda.

So I really should be going to bed right now.  You know, because I have to be at work a little before 10am tomorrow.

What can I say?  My life is rough.

Instead I have a million thoughts bouncing around my head, so I thought to myself, "self, you should write a blog post."

And you know the blog post will be a good when just a couple sentences in I have an internal dialogue.  Winner.

I'm not the only crazy one out there though.  Today is proof of that.

Let's talk about basic driving etiquette.  My dad and I are a stopped a red light in a turn lane.  The lane beside us has a green arrow.  Yet, before we know it there is a man stopped beside us.

Then I notice his turn arrow is on.  So I say something to my dad, to the effect of "what is he doing?"

The man rolls up his window.  The light finally changes for us and we out-accelerate him off the line.

If you ask me, however, he should have just waited until everyone in the turn lane went, and then turned left.  He was the front car in his lane.  No one is cut off, everyone wins.

Logical, no?

Did you know Starbucks is having happy hour every day from now until May 16.  Half off all frappecinos.  You should go.

I did today.  Twice.

That's a lie.

Except it's not.

You'd think excessive consumption would explain this post.  Except I didn't have caffeine in my drinks.

And I'm pretty sure the sugar high wore off around the 5th lawn of the day.  Plus, I shared the drinks with my dad.

Speaking of a sugar high, I was wondering can you build up a tolerance for sugar so it takes more and more of it for you to feel the "high."  Like with alcohol.

Someone Google that and get back to me.

Lastly, Neil Patrick Harris on Glee.  Next week.

Let it bring tears of laughter to my eyes.  Or a job.  But not to my eyes, because I'd rather all of me was employed.

(That's what she said.)

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