It All Comes Tumbling Down

My dad and I stopped by the Toyota dealership today.  My parents had bought a new car a month or so back, and it's alternator gave up the ghost.

Because of that, Dad has spent the past couple days locked in a mortal battle with the dealership over how much the repair should cost him.

They argue somewhere between expensive and your first born child (yikes, that's me.), while he's more in favor of not having to pay for anything.

You'd think Toyota would be worried about it's reputation after the seemingly neverending recalls.

Apparently, not so much.

But I digress, my point was to complain about the local dealership.

As we were pulling into the dealership we saw a person (upon further examination, a boy around the age of 12) attempt a jump over a low light post (you know, one of the split leg leaps that teenage boys seem fascinated with).

The next thing we (and he) knew, he was lying in a heap on the ground with the light post beside him.

As soon as he got up, I let myself laugh.

I at least like to make sure the person isn't hurt first, you know.

Seeing that happen made me feel very justified in never having attempted such a leap myself.

I also couldn't help but feel like the dealership was paying for its treatment of customers with a mostly destructed post.

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