Candy Cane Lane (and other miscellaneous items)

On my dashboard (it's a Mac thing--either you are confused right now or you get it) I have a weather widget. 

It currently displays a temperature of 45 degrees.  The actual temperature is somewhere BELOW freezing.

Stupid confused widget.

I wish I had something better than that to write at the moment, and really somewhere in my head I probably do.

But the weekend has been 5 parts exhausting (not sleeping in my own bed, end of story), 3 parts emotionally draining (I find funerals tend to be that way), 2 parts unhealthy (i.e. all the crap I ate, but boy was it delicious), and 3 parts wonderful (family time + a new pair of boots + my sister's choir concert).

(I should mention those amounts were all randomly assigned and have no real value...in case you were confused.)

So instead of cute, witty, random things to say, I have soap-box-ish, boring, random things to say.

For example, I briefly flirted with a post about Tiger Woods and society's obsession (and feeling of entitlement) with all things rich and famous.

Then I thought about it and realized a post, in some ways, would just be enabling.

Instead I'll tell you how I drove through Candy Cane Lane--the most beautifully decorated neighborhodd in all the land--except it was very well decorated.  Apparently it's early in the season.

Try telling that to all the Canadians shopping and pillaging for the holidays.  And hogging the roadways.

I just want to drive home in peace people.  (But I'm totally not bitter.  At all.  Love you Canadians!)

Candy Cane Lane did have the word "peace" in different languages in front of each house, including pace, paix, and something in Tagolog, which I have no chance of spelling correctly and am too lazy to look up.

The real silver lining in my weekend (besides the new boots) is the fact that I don't work until Wednesday mornging.  So really, my weekend is only half over.

Be jealous.

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