Cookies, the day after.

A few weeks ago, when I spotted the Sunset cookie edition, I just knew I needed to bake.  All I was missing was time for it.  Yesterday, I made it happen.

The cookie making expedition was a bit of a win-lose endeavor.  The chocolate cookies turned out scrumptious.

The gingersnaps turned out not to have any baking soda in them.  Oops.  This meant after they cooled they were like little coal lumps.  Not so delicious.

Although if it weren't for the 3 hour refrigeration step, I would probably be trying them out again today.  Because they were that easy.

Those chocolate cookies were pretty amazing.  The dough was a little sticky and difficult to work with, but I have a feeling that a little extra flour would have solved that problem.

I tend to be a little haphazard in the kitchen.  I don't really measure all that carefully (I actually only used a teaspoon while baking) and I tend to make do with what I find in our cupboards.  I ended up grabbing the chocolate we had and going with it.

If you look past the lumps of coal, you can see chocolate-peanut butter thumbprint cookies and chocolate cookies with peppermint icing.

Either option was delicious.

One of these I might just have to try the gingersnaps again.

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