I've been experimenting with my music in my car recently, playing my entire iPod on shuffle and seeing where the wind takes me.

It makes every ride, even the ten minute trip to the gym, a little more exciting.

Plus, I have more music than I can remember. Seriously. So it's nice to remember.

I'm kind of a music nerd. Not in the know-every-artist/song/lyric sense, but in the sense that I really enjoy music. A good melody, baseline, or lyric (if I can make it out), makes me happy.

In light of that, I've been hooked on The Sing Off this past week.

I know, I'm a nerd.

I actually got interested in collegiate a cappella a few years ago.  The things people can do with just their voices is amazing.

Nerd.  Yep.

I'll stop now before it gets any worse.

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