The first snow of the year (after a couple weeks of freezing temperatures) meant getting my snow legs/driving skills back.

After a very brief flirtation with the edge of a ditch--I had just followed a car going approximately 5 MPH up a hill and lost control for a moment--I pulled myself together and drove like my mama taught me.

Like a pro. And I was able to arrive to a bridal shower on time.

It was a shower for one of the two people I keep in touch with from school. I by "keep in touch" I mean that have an actual relationship beyond Facebook stalking.

The shower was great filled with laughter and food, friends and family, including a very amusing, cute, and spunky grandmother.

Something I will never have, as one of my grandmothers doesn't even speak anymore, Alzheimers don't you know, and the other is 91 years old.

And even though getting married seems to be the cool thing to do, I've never been very "cool" and am realistically decades from getting married.

Hopefully, I'm exaggerating. No way to know now, however.

The snow does help me get in the mood for Christmas. I have plans to decorate tomorrow, which means some cleaning and reducing of clutter.

I'm also reminded that I have presents to buy. Seriously, is Christmas really less than two weeks away. That's not okay.

I mean it is, or it will be once I get my presents purchased.

Usually I'm way more organized than this. About Christmas presents, not about life.

Did I mention I'm going to a whiskey tasting party this week? 'Cuz it's true.

The last time I tasted straight whiskey, it was from a bottle conveniently hidden on the floorboards of the wagon I rode away from my cousin's wedding in June.

I think I'm supposed to bring a bottle, so if anyone has suggestions for great whiskey, let me know.

As a sidenote, ignore the whining, poor-me stuff above. My life isn't all that bad.

For realz, yo.

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