PT, what?!

I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but my shoulders are so sore/hurt so much that it's hard to lift my arms.

Thanks Jimmy.

Jimmy is my personal trainer.

By the way, who am I and when did I get a personal trainer?  I mean, who even does that, really? 

I do, because it's the best I can think of to keep myself motivated at the gym and spend way more money than I would otherwise.

On a related note, burpies.  Not fun.  If you particpated in athletics in high school, you may be familiar with them. 

Think push-ups meets up-downs meets mountain climbers.  Sort of.

One set involved throwing a medicine ball as well, the highlight of which was almost knocking the air out of Jimmy.

This was also ironic considering prior to the set he had told me a story about the time he hit a client in the stomach.

I think that makes me a winner.

And stinky.  Because I haven't showered.

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  1. Burpies are the exercise of the devil. We used to do them as a warmdown during hockey and tae kwon do training! Though it gives you really good thighs if you're into that sort of thing. Keep it up and take solace in the mass over eating you'll be able to do over the next month or so :D