TV, Family, Fundraising, and Sleep

This past weekend was pretty wonderful. I had a meeting Friday evening, so after I got off of work at 10 a.m., I had a lot of time to kill before I headed up to my parent's house for a visit.

This led to one of the more depressing periods of television watching in my life. 

You're probably thinking a) why does E watch so much television and b) she really does exaggerate a lot.

My response a) not enough sleep and getting off work too early and b) yes, but not about this.

First I finished West Wing, which was like saying goodbye to family. I mean, I had basically lived with the cast for the past four weeks. Then I caught up on all three episodes of Parenthood, which is an amazing show, but deals with some tough stuff. Finally, I watched the Grey's Anatomy season premiere.

So all really uplifting, is what I'm saying.

Just so you're not completely concerned about my excessive TV watching, I also cleaned, packed, and put away clothes. I was multitasking.

I had a really nice visit with my family, going through stuff in storage, watching football and cooking my all-time favorite shepherd's pie recipe.

Sunday morning I volunteered at a 5k run/3k walk that raises money for pediatric brain cancer research. This was the fourth year of the event and we passed $1 million for total raised in its history, which was very exciting.

Sunday afternoon, I joined my roommate and some of her friends for a movie, Liberal Arts. It's an indie romantic comedy starring Josh Radnor, the youngest Olsen, Zac Ephron and more. It was really well done and enjoyable. A little deeper than average but with plenty of parts that made me laugh.

After a horrible night of sleep Sunday night, I actually took a nap yesterday before class. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have survived. I went to sleep at 11 p.m. and woke up at 4:30 a.m., plus I woke up twice in between. I was a zombie.

(P.S. If that is what having a baby is like, I'm not ready for it. Not that I'm having a baby--I'm speaking in generalities.)

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I spent the weekend with friends up in Victoria, it was really nice! What did you think of the Grey's seasion premiere? I can't believe they killed off Mark Sloan!

  2. Ugh that Grey's episode was freakin' rough. I imagine this week's will be equally rough.

  3. it must be rough to watch tv sometimes. not that I'd know, since I don't even own one! ;) But your weekend sounds amazing, and I'm a little sad I wasn't there for the Shepherd's pie.

  4. I'll admit it...TV is good lately, darn good. I'm addicted to a couple shows right now. NO shame


  5. I'm always watching TV. I reserve an hour or two every night for watching my favorite shows.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I gotta have my TV at night too. Not much just been going on here. I did saying with a band, and that was traumatizing

  7. i'm still like 2 seasons behind on greys anatomy or something, haha! my grandpa has been recording dvds since i moved to switzerland and finally this year i've tackled them!

  8. hmm.. what did he do last weekend.. I must have had such busy week I don't even remember.. but I know we'll have a quiet weekend now, sleep late, eat goodies and be lazy!

  9. Okay, Elizabeth, it's time to start watching some sitcoms. Like Parks & Rec! And Modern Family! And New Girl! Shows that are lighthearted and make you cry from laughter. Dramas are great, but sometimes you just need a show that will make you laugh. :)