Things I also found:

I wanted to share some links and things from the Internet. I used "also" because I am certainly not the first person to find and share these things, but I'm sharing them anyways. A pretty good way to waste a little time if you're bored this Tuesday.

A quick note, too: since I'm without regular Internet access I haven't been commenting much, but I promise I'm still reading. Hopefully in the next week or two, life will be back to normal.

The goods:

- You probably heard about the Daniel Tosh rape joke debacle on the internets this week. This post by Lindy West was my favorite response. Definitely worth a read.

- Find out where you fall on the global fat scale. (Spoiler alert: as a person from the U.S., you're going to be heavier. 1st world = more than enough food = heavier than poor people)

- Want to know what's illegal and ridiculous here in Washington State:

Browse more Humor infographics.

- The best wedding site ever. Literally. I dare you to show me one that is better.

- An incredibly cool map of tweets happening around the world. Almost 30% of tweet takes place in the US. Check out the site, play with the settings, and read all the stats. Pretty interesting.

- These Russian gymnasts. How is all of that humanly possible?

- These descriptions of news interview subjects. My favorites are either "names vacuums with eyes closed" or "not wearing any pants," but they are all absolutely hilarious.

- I love running to DJ mashups. The rhythm stays pretty consistent and the variety keeps me from being bored. I've enjoyed Girl Talk for a long time, but recently started enjoying Milkman. (Bonus, you can download Milkman's albums for free!)

Have you stumbled across anything good recently? Feel free to share links in the comments!


  1. That video. Is. RIDICULOUS.

  2. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for brightening my otherwise dull Tuesday afternoon with these entertaining and hilarious items! Those Russian gymnasts are insane!!

  3. The global fat scale is nuts! I apparently am most comparable to the women of Pakistan. Who knew?

  4. My thighs hurt so much after watching that video. Oh, my goodness. Those gymnasts are crazy!

    Also, the global fat scale is depressing. That is all.

  5. okay, those gymnastics girls are INSANE!
    and i had no idea i wasn't allowed outside with the common cold. hahaha. too ridiculous!
    xo TJ

  6. Yeah those gymnasts were CRAZY. Holy crap.

    And I'm afraid to check the global fat scale. Sigh...

  7. Drats, I can't see a lot of these links because I am on a work computer, but I love those laws. I would love to hear the stories behind some of those.