Awkward and Awesome: Break in the Silence

I hope that everyone had a happy fourth of July. I hope to be back tomorrow sharing a couple pictures and moments from my day. It was definitely wonderful.

I'm mixing it up today. Not two, but three categories for my awkward and awesome moments from the week.

Because it's just necessary.

- managing to shoot an entire day of video for class a few weeks ago without any sound. two thumbs up on that one.
- not enough sleep and waking up between 6 and 6:30 every morning for the past week. It should be noted that I don't have anything to wake up for specifically.
- my cousin's suitcase not showing up with her plane and my dad leaving his cell phone at the airport.
- when people talk quietly in class. Maybe I need hearing aids, or maybe they need to speak up.

Awkward AND Awesome:
- my parents' new puppy. He's adorable, mellow, loves to pull plants out of the ground, and grab anything he can get his mouth on. He's also part of the reason I am on the tired side.
- sweets: homemade ice cream, fresh strawberries with pound cake, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, and much more. Delicious, but I might have unbuttoned my jeans one day this past week.

Just Plain Awesome:
- the Finnish family arriving for a month-long visit. Let the shenanigans (and eating) begin!
- the weather predicted for the next month around these parts. I feel for the rest of the country in the midst of a major heat wave. We're headed for 30 days of temps in the 70s and low 80s. Perfect summer weather.
- berry season. We picked 34 pounds of strawberries last week. I cannot wait for the raspberries to be ready. Favorite!
- random love punches. Perfect a little pick me up. Seriously try it!

I'm keeping it semi-short tonight. Because of the sleepiness, the schoolwork, and the family time. What's been going on for you this week?


  1. ahahahaa... I think "awkward AND awesome" is how I've described myself once. :p

    Happy weekend!

  2. New puppies and deliciousness? Definitely awesome

  3. Sorry I couldn't read past new puppy PICTURES WOMAN, PICTURES. Ahem. be cool.

  4. I am SO excited for the Seattle weather this week! I'm wearing a sundress to work today and my mood is just automatically better, I love it! However, happy hours will be even more difficult to resist...

  5. You simply must post puppy pictures! They really are little bundles of awkward and awesome.

    I am diggin' berry season. I can't wait for our raspberries to be ready either.