Life Currently

These posts have been all over (I know Danielle has done a few). It's a fun way to sum of life, right at this moment. Enjoy!

My cousin, Michelle, and I at Bard on the Beach.
(This picture was taken illegally.)

Obsessing over: My final project for class is going to be more work than I had thought. It's basically a mini-thesis. Did I mention that already? That's how you know I'm obsessing over it.

Working on: School and blog stuff. Being the editor of a blog is a little time consuming and school takes work. (Duh.)

Thinking about: What I am going to do with my time when class gets done in August. Almost six whole weeks of freedom!

Anticipating: A fun week in Seattle. I haven't been down here much this month and I miss it (though I love it up at my parents' too). It started with a bang yesterday with some wine tasting and Mexican food with Stevie.

Listening to: The Rock of Ages soundtrack. I went on a little mini music buying spree last week when Amazon had a bunch of stuff on sale and this one of the albums I snagged. Super excited for the movie!

Eating: I need to do that... I am in desperate need of groceries, which is why my meals the last few days have been particularly unimpressive. If two of your last four meals were purchased at Starbucks, you are not doing well.

Wishing: My financial aid loan would clear already. I've been approved, but it hasn't come through. Grr. I'm also wishing my school work would go more quickly and smoothly than it has been. Fingers crossed.


  1. you can do the thesis! I hope your loan comes fast. I also love how you took the picture illegally! rebel!

  2. Hope you get everything done that needs to get done! And I'm also anticipating a fun few days down in Seattle! See you soon!

  3. What a great little way to share the things that are currently going on.

  4. i like this way of updating :) have a good sunday!!

  5. My eating list looks a lot like yours - SBUX is totally ruining my health :)

  6. Ugh, I hate weeks like that when I keep eating out because I have no food in the house. I had a busy weekend so unfortunately I'll have to buy lunch today...

  7. LOL, does Starbucks even have meals you can buy?

    Good luck with your final project!


  8. aw yay! have fun in seattle! adore!!!!!
    xo TJ