Summer Takes Over

We've been busy with summer like activities, and my spare time has been spent doing school work not blogging. Which makes me feel a little sad, but also pretty darn responsible.

Since I have been so absent here, I'm not sure what I need to catch you all up on. Instead, I'll give some highlights from the past week or so. Hopefully soon I'll be back with pictures for your enjoyment. Until then, a bulleted list will have to suffice.
  • Seattle touristy activities: my cousin came over for a couple days with her 8 month old. He's adorable, even if all the activity and schedule changes were a little rough on him. We got to walk around Green Lake, visit Pike Place Market, and catch up. Plus he and I are well on our way to being best pals (from a distance).
  • We take our food seriously: case in point, today while having high tea (a family tradition) my dad asked what we were going to eat for dinner. Not a day goes by that doesn't involve at least a couple discussions about meals coming up. I think it probably drives my mom a little crazy as food planning is not her favorite thing ever.
  • Pool time: my brother talked my dad into buying an above ground pool for us to play in. We got it set up yesterday and it finished filling with water today. This evening brought a quick dip, but it was chilly. The coming days include forecasts in the 80s though, so it will get plenty of use. The only real challenge is making sure the dogs don't destroy it.
I'm calling it quits for there. Mostly because I am unable to write short bullets (sorry about that) and I really just want to sleep.

We have more excitement coming, which I'll do my best to fill you in on. And really, there have been pictures.

For now, have a happy Thursday!


  1. I think about my next meal while eating. It's bad. But whatever. Food is delicious.

  2. High tea? What do y'all typically eat during high tea? (I can't get over food ever)

  3. We've been checking out the touristy stuff in Seattle too. It's fun, but exhausting!

  4. yep, visiting pike place market is definitely the best tourist destination! adore!
    xo TJ

  5. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer. I love doing touristy stuff in my own town. I also really would love to explore Seattle one day.


  6. being a tourist in seattle is the best!

  7. i want a pool! i need one that can fit on my little balcony, ha!

  8. Sounds like summer is going great! Hope school isn't too too much - I mean blogging is a priority (says the girl who's posting and visiting has been random at best over the past few weeks...)