Photo Dump: North Carolina

Time for some more photos from my trip. At this rate, I'll share them all in a months time. So you have that to look forward to.

These are all (except for the first one) from our time in North Carolina. I feel like I've pretty much seen all the big cities in NC now, at least from a car window. Things we learned in NC: the power converter for the car 12V input saves lives and makes computer functional a lot longer, wi-fi hotspots are key, we all like to drive fast, motels with walk up windows after hours are not places we are going to stay.

For everything else, check out my pictures.
We're high tech. That's why I took a picture of DD taking a picture with his iPad.
Frank Gehry inspired museum in Roanoke (a la the EMP in Seattle).
 The Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most gorgeous roads to drive. No billboards, no power lines.
 This cemetery was along side the Blue Ridge Parkway. So cool
 View from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Truly gorgeous.
BBQ chicken dinner with sweet tea. Welcome to the south. Also, this place had a dessert list 20 items long. It's like we were meant to eat here, in Meadows of Dan (no seriously, that's what the town was called).
The sun setting in Asheville.
 Really cool old buildings in Asheville. Click on the photo to see the cool gargoyles on the tall one.
 Loved this fountain/monument (it's no longer functioning).
 News crews hanging out at the John Edwards jury selection.
Site of the lunchroom sit-ins, now the Civil Rights Museum.
 The nicest place we stayed complete with a living room. 
Security for Mitt Romney's speech. 
Mr. Romney himself, sporting a hard core spray tan.

Next up, Pittsburgh, Ohio, and more.


  1. What a great collection of pictures! The range is so diverse. I especially love the cemetery one....

  2. I love when dudes get dramatic spray tans. I feel they need to learn what us women already know- gotta ease into that shiz... lol

  3. Post as many pictures as you feel like! I'll check them all out :)

  4. Ahh the blue ridge area reminds me of my college days at JMU, so pretty!


  5. That looks like a lovely trip, I have never been to that part of the country before!

  6. i hear north carolina is absolutely beautiful! love these images! that cemetery image with all the flower blossom pedals is just gorgeous!
    xo TJ

  7. asheville is one of my fave cities.

  8. Yep, I totally agree with you. The Blue Ridge Parkway is crazy beautiful! Looks like you had a terrific trip.

    {your spray tan comment made me giggle}

  9. I love how green everything looks!! So beautiful!!

  10. Sweet photos! Love how he is taking pic with his iPad - too funny!

  11. I want to visit Asheville, NC! I hear there's some good food to be had in those parts.