Awkward and Awesome: Rollercoaster

I choose that title, not because I've been to amusement park lately, but because life has been all over the place. You've heard about quite a bit of it here already.

I am looking forward to next week, hopefully, settling down a bit. I might actually get my life in order a little bit.

For now, I leave you with the awkward and awesome moments from the past week or so.

- Riding public transportation. For the most part it's awesome. I don't have to think. There's easy bus from my apartment downtown. It's already paid for. But there's plenty of awkwardness too. Trying not to bump into anyone. There's always a little bit of crazy going on. And the smell.
- Being in full interview mode and having someone ask me a question. No matter the subject, it always throws me off.
- Pretty sure I chased a couple followers away on Twitter with today's tweets about the story. I couldn't help myself.
- Realizing I haven't updated my professional portfolio website in months. That needs to change, stat. But only after I work and finish school work tomorrow.

- Walking up to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up. Pretty wonderful timing.
- Being home for the weekend, even if I'm missing our big dog like whoa.
- Last week's trip and the resulting awesomeness. I was actually printed in the local paper today about the use of social media around Amendment One in NC. You should really read my colleagues articles to have the whole picture. In fact, read theirs first: one and two. Who knew I'd walk away from my trip a published author.
- Recent food deals purchased through Living Social. Beef and veggies FTW.
- Having two parties Saturday afternoon starting at the same time, then finding out they are only a few blocks from each other.

What has been awkward or awesome (or both) about your week?


  1. Public transit is awkward. You're not allowed to look at anyone. It's so quiet. And yes... it does smell.

    I've also had a guy try to rub me in my lady parts on a busy ride. At first I thought it was purely accidental, but he kept doing it after I'd shift a little one way and whatnot. It was one of my first trips on the el and I was horrified!

  2. Yeah! About being in the newspaper! I've heard so many scary stories about our transit system.

    Awesome..the sweet tots at Sonic!

  3. That's awesome that your two parties are on the same block. I love happy accidents. I hope you have a good time!!

  4. Sounds like a whirlwind! And yeah, public transportation can be awful. But I also met a (now ex) boyfriend from riding the bus. We dated over 2 years, so something can come of those awkward rides!

  5. Wow, so cool about being published! Great article, too. :)

    Our public transportation system in Florida is awful. And dangerous. I wish we had a better one, since I basically hate driving and I don't live in a walkeable city. Oh well! The pros of Florida far outweigh the cons so I'll get over it. Hehe.

  6. What was awkward was that IC was overseas this week and I missed him terribly. and what was awesome was that I created a chat room on a website. I had no idea I had those kind of skills.

  7. ooh public transportation in atl freaks me out. i think it's because i saw a man stabbed on there