Easter Weekend and more

I seem to have a lot going on, since I'm not around here as much as I'd like and I am way behind on most of my TV shows (serious problems around here), but at the same time I can't seem to account for all my time.

It's fine. I'm probably just losing my mind. While I'm busy trying to find it (and getting some stuff done--hopefully) I'll leave you with a little round up from my weekend and a couple pictures I've taken recently.

My parents got back on Saturday from Hawaii (don't even get me started with the jealousies), I picked them up from the airport and we headed north. Along the way we stopped for lunch and swung by the outlet malls. I was successful in finding a bag that will be perfect for my upcoming travels.

It was great to hang out as a family, go out to brunch with my grandpa (he was having a pretty good day), and enjoy some sunshine. Now it's back to the grind (relatively in my world). I have a lot to get done this week before I head off for a week of traveling (more on that later).

The weather here has been pretty delightful the past few days. Yesterday I went bare legged with my dress and the bus was hot (but in a good, yay-winter-is-finally-over kind of way).

Now I'm off to get some work done for real. Don't worry though, I won't completely exhaust myself. I have plans for sushi this evening. Self care, as my roommate who is studying to be a therapist calls it.


  1. Enjoy your self-care time! I did some today as I shopped and bought two new shorts, a pair of capri pants and a bag. I also had some sushi :)

  2. I was completely alone on Easter.l,a first for me, but it was nice.

  3. My roommate and I also discussed the horror of being so far behind on our dvr. #Firstworldproblems. We're hopelessly trying to catch up a little tonight, but tonight only brings more shows... gah!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I am glad you had a great easter weekend.

    *Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

  5. I am all about Sushi and "self care" glad to hear you're treating yourself!


  6. Self care is so important! Enjoy!

  7. Those are really beautiful shots, lady!