Photo Dump #1: Philly and Gettysburg

 Hitting the road.
 The inside of Mayfair Diner. Love those tiles!
 The awesome staff at Mayfair.
 The quintessential American diner.
 Cute side streets in Philly.
 Independence Hall!
 First bank in the U.S.
 Site of the 1st Continental Congress, Carpenter Hall.

 Sunset from the observation tower.

 More sunset.
 Listening to our audio tour.

 Imagine trying to scramble up this to meet your enemy, probably without shoes.

 A ghost!

I ran out of captioning steam so if you have questions, let me know! More to come. I have no shortage of pictures.


  1. I haven't been to either, but want to see both! Virgin America just opened up flights from SF to Phillie!

  2. Oh how fun, I haven't been to either place but now I want to go to both!

  3. Love Philly! Next time, go to the prison.

  4. Tell me you had a philly steak while you were there?