Awkward and Awesome: Could I use any more punctuation?

Man, this past week has been a doozy. For everything I've had going on, it's a good thing I don't have a job even if it makes the bills a little more stressful (but I promise the only debt I'm going into is the student loans. Isn't that a good thing?!). <-- The inordinate punctuation usage. (Also, did you get the sort-of Friends reference? No, just me then.)

As you can tell from the progression of that last paragraph, I'm clinging to my sanity, but just barely.

I'm fine really.

Anyways, before this blog completely gets off the tracks, let's move onto the main event, the awkward and awesome moments of my week.

- This past month being the third rainiest one on record for the state. Ridiculous.
- Babysitting and class on the same day as a killer migraine. Nothing that a drug cocktail (I kid), copious amounts of caffeine (seriously), and a couple pieces of pizza can't cure.
- Feeling like I haven't been home all week. Oh wait...I haven't.
- Getting back in the hang of writing more than just these silly blog posts. And I don't mean academic, more the opinion/reporting type writing. It doesn't come naturally to me but I'm going to be doing quite a bit this quarter, so I better get focused.
- Being distracted mid-post by homework. I mean, that's probably actually a good thing.
- All the vacation photos my parent's have been sending me from Hawaii.  It's just not right (in that it makes me very jealous).
- My school to-do list that I may or may not be ignoring right now. Not ignoring, just haven't had time for. That all changes tomorrow afternoon.

- Seeing my friend's baby (the one born on leap day) for the first time today. She was on her best behavior for me (meaning we went for a walk successfully and I wasn't forced to change her diaper). It was the first visit grace period.
- A maybe trip to PA. In a little over a week. I'll share more when I have the deets.
- Sunshine, cherry blossoms, going for walks...the little springtime moments that make the rainy days a little easier to deal with.
- Feeling like even though I'm not working, I'm finally doing things in my spare time that will benefit me professionally in the long run.
- Plans with a good friend tomorrow. She called last minute and I answered.
- Red lipstick. It instantly makes me feel ten times fancier. Try it sometime. (Also, liner is key to it really working.)

I think I'm calling it quits there. I could probably come up with more but sleep is a better choice at this point.

P.S. Sorry I haven't been around commenting much. I hope to catch up soon!
P.P.S. Since Instagram just opened up for Android this week (and it's awesome), add me if you haven't yet (eewiley).
P.P.P.S. Have a lovely Friday!


  1. See... I would say red lipstick makes me feel awkward. I've tried to pull it off, and totally can't. Sigh...

    Happy weekend, lady! :)

  2. wishing you an awesome week!!

  3. Caffeine and pizza are my cute to most things in life as well!