I'm headed off to the east side of the state for the weekend.  My cousin is having a baby and the next month and it's time to give her some gifts to prepare her.  

I'm pretty excited to see family, maybe a friend or two, and use all the time in the car to get some reading done for school.  The joys of being back at it.

In other exciting news, I ordered an iPhone 4S last night.  It was a bit of a pain, but I got an order confirm so I'm not going to complain any more than that.  Pretty much just a first world problem anyway.

Before I take off for a land far, far away, I wanted to remind you to go enter my giveaway.  Free online scrapbook software.  And your chances of winning are really high.  Don't even stop to think about it--just do it.  

And have a great weekend.  I hope to be back next week with more than three posts.  But no promises.  Life is a little crazy.

Now excuse me while I go pack.


  1. Jealous! I really want the 4S!

  2. Oh my goodness! A 4S? That's pretty fancy.
    I'm excited for you!!!

  3. I want an iPhone....I've got a stupid work black berry which is TOTAL CRAP!!!!!

    Get Up & Go

    How was your trip??