Apartment Tour, the bedroom.

I thought I'd finally share a little piece of our apartment with you all.  We're starting in the bedroom my sister and I share.  We've slowly made it home and I think we're happy with it.

If only there was a little more storage.  Like a massive walk-in closet or something.  That'd be nice.  But I don't think our bank accounts could handle it.

I'm getting away from the point of sharing the pictures with you though.  So here you go...

 Left: view walking in the door; Right: Looking left towards the shower.
Top view: vanity with bedroom door on left; Bottom: looking into bedroom from the vanity area.
Top left: back towards the vanity and blackboard vinyl decals on wall; 
Bottom left: wider view of wall with dresser, TV, my bedside table; 
Middle: My side of the closet, organized by type of clothes and color;
Right: Our only window and bookshelf (mostly shoes).
Top: My bed and artwork, decal from etsy & framed pictures from Michaels, duvet cover from Ikea;
Bottom: My sister's side, tin artwork was mostly gifts, I bought her the duvet cover from Marimekko in Finland this summer.
And finally, and perhaps most importantly, our shoes.  The right picture is mine and the left is ours combined.  Luckily enough we wear the same size shoes.  Winning!


  1. Totally winning! The apartment looks nice and cosy. I like the colors you two use=)

  2. I love the red dress artwork! Saw something similar at my seamstress and fell in love with it. I'm jealous because it was exactly what I wanted for my place, but at least I found something simiilar! :)

  3. Aw, I didn't know you shared a room with your sister...that's so sweet!! The last time I shared a room was when I came home from college and crashed in my 13 yr old sister's room. Now I think we would kill each other!