Awkward and Awesome: Brought to you by Friday

I know, I know.  This is late.  But seriously, this week has kicked my butt.  I was driving back to work-home after class Tuesday night, and for the first time this quarter I felt completely exhausted.

But I've made it half way through and we were told in orientation that this first quarter is the hardest.  And once I get through this weekend and next week and a few more weeks after that, I will be on break.  So that's not so bad, right?

I have been working on my list of Awkwards and Awesomes, so I wanted to share, even if I am a day late.

- how sweaty biking too and from campus makes me.  Not that it stops me, but I don't have to like it.
- my level of tiredness this evening. Yesterday was long, this morning was early, and I was not as productive this afternoon as I had hoped. Sometimes you just have to take a break.
- a health scare with my mom last Friday involving her heart. A stressful afternoon. Things turned out much better than expected though.
- my sleep schedule.  For serious, my body wakes up on its own, at the earliest, around 8:30am.  But since I often have to be awake late into the night, I don't mind.  The only real problem is on the two work days when I have to be up around 7:30.  That's not fun.
- forgetting my homemade apple butter at my parent's house again.  Someday I'll get to actually eat some.
- the amount of reading I have to get done this weekend.  And of course, I'm choosing to blog right now instead.

- seeing pictures of a friend's baby sucking it's thumb in utero. So freaking adorable.
- roommate hangouts that involve long walks in the park and froyo. Yummy.
- getting to cook and bake. I've recently feel in love with sweet potatoes enchiladas and I whipped up a batch of apple butter over the weekend.
- some really beautiful fall weather. There were a few days that had the perfect fall weather. The sun was shiny and the temperature was crisp. So lovely.
- getting my hair cut and styled. It's the chance to have a hairstyle you could never replicate.  I'm always determined to make them last as long as possible.
- winning a $20 gift card at a styling event with Emerald Closet at Gap last night.  So fun to have my name called!
- lots of fun plans for the weekend and finally figuring out what I'm dressing up as.  And not having to buy a thing for my outfit.  I'll share pictures soon.
- the delicious quiche and coffee I had this morning.


  1. I wanted to go to that Gap event! Stupid class. On my birthday, no less. How was it? Other than the awesome gift card, of course.

    I'm so glad your mom is ok.

  2. Sweet potato enchiladas, huh? Care to share...? :)

    And I'm sorry to hear about your mom's scare- I hope she's doing much better!

  3. quiche and coffee! sounds like a combination I'd like (especially the coffee part of it) :)