(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Pictures from not very recently.  But enjoy anyways.  Also, these are completely untouched.  I just thought I'd add that disclaimer.
A gorgeous sunset.

DIY Sparkly Frenchtip variation

Soap making with the mom and sis.

Gorgeous flowers.

Driving an old farm truck.

Froyo and sunnies--back when it was summer.

On a wine tasting adventure.


  1. That sunset picture is INCREDIBLE!

    Also, I spy Januik! Yay for winetasting :-)

  2. Those flowers are lovely.
    I have always wanted to make soap. I bet it's really fun.

  3. I've been DYING for some fro-yo lately. Oh the woes of living in farm country. Next time I come to Seattle, I am going on a fro-yo hunt.

    And, of course, I love our wine tasting pic!